Developing Purpose Centred Leadership Capabilities and Ecosystem

ALMI provides mutlipronged Capability Building and Ecosystem Development support to Leadership Projects

Purpose Centred Leaders visualise Opportunities in problems, design path breaking Solutions, and build Institutional Mechanisms for achieving Success

The modern world is strewn with any number of wide ranging problems from climate change and environmental degradation to population explosion; resource scarcity; widening rich-poor gaps; race, caste, religion, region, gender and LGBTQ based economic and social inequalities, biases and exploitation ; poor health, education, water, sanitation and civic amenities; human rights violations; suppression of democratic rights, misuse of science and technology, slowing down of economic growth, productivity and quality trends.

At the same time, thanks to technological innovations and changing human outlooks and efforts, the world also presents countless opportunities for improving the environmental and human conditions. It is those individuals who want to take upon themselves to play lead role in making change in any of these above situations, can be the Leaders of the day for the relevant constituencies.

As it is not the knowledge but behaviour in actions, that provide results, individuals in above situations, can be the Leaders of the day for the relevant constituencies.

The younger generations and millennials are deeply motivated by social responsibility actions and a compelling sense of purpose and principles. Therefore, there is a growing need for developing Purpose Cantered Leadership Philosophies, Skill Sets and Frameworks of Impact making Leadership Styles.

An individual can take up leadership actions in any setting varying from small groups to community, business, social and environmental organisations, politics, economy, country and beyond. In this spirit, Ascent helps those aspiring individuals to build the necessary capabilities and ecosystems for excelling in their field of choice.

Putting the Purpose Centred Leadership Capabilities into Action

Leadership is a personal human ability to take up causes of greater good in any or more of the social, political, environmental, and economic situations by adopting the processes of:

  • Sizing up the problems and their impact on the well-being of any segment of the society and / or environment of concern
  • Visualising the opportunities for creating greater good and envisioning the changed scenario through a set of definitive actions
  • Developing goals, targets, strategies, resources, and similar means through which the avowed vision can be realised
  • Rallying people around the purpose and inspiring them for exerting fullest energies through organised methods of working and creating cultures of change, innovation, breakthrough efforts and impactful results.
There is no one born as a Leader; Leaders are made through arduous ways of their own circumstances By merely occupying senior roles in organisational structures doesn’t get an individual to be performing the leadership roles, unless the person assumes the responsibility and accountability for bringing the required transformational changes in the functioning of the organisation (entities to which one belongs) to significantly impact the lives / situational conditions of the clientele the organisation is expected to serve.

As it is not the knowledge but behaviour in actions, that provide results, individuals in Leadership roles and responsibilities need to be ’lifelong learners’ and also being ’coachable and mentored’

An Ecosystem of Cutting-edge Practices and Institutional Alliances for realising Purpose Centred Leadership Vision and Goals
Cutting-edge Practices
  • Personal Life Adequacy
  • Purpose, Vision and Goals
  • Values and Culture
  • Transformational Actions
  • Relationships and Ecosystem Building
  • Resource Mobilisation and Creating Synergies
  • Communication and Inpirational Actions
  • Walking the Talk – Personal Style
Institutional Alliances
  • Business – Organisational Alliances
  • Thought Leadrship Platfroms
  • Research, Dvelopment & Skill Networks
  • Public Cause-Policy Advocacy
  • Guru, Mentor / Guide



How do we help those with Leadership Aspirations ?
  • Capabilities Assessment
  • Development Planning
  • Coaching – Mentoring
  • Group Learning
Who can benefit ?
  • Individuals wanting to make impact making changes in institutionalised ways
  • Organisations wanting to invest in the development of their human capital.
Access to Services
  • Online Assessment
  • Online / In-person Contact Activities
  • Assessment – Development Centre
  • Organization Sponsored Group Learning

ALMaC excels in facilitative processes enabling clients to design, implement, and continually improve cutting edge solutions for their contemporary challenges.

Each challenge requires a unique strategy, supported with connected intelligence and expertise.
We provide free consultation to assess your needs and tailor a robust solution to help you achieve your goals

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