Careers and Business Partnerships

For those with fire in the belly, and passion for creating impact in their chosen areas of challenges with energy, effort, and enterprise, we create enabling career paths.
For those with creative ideas and leads to opportunities, we create business platforms-channels of partnered growth.

Business Opportunities with ALMaC

With the post Covid work environment presenting many challenges in the working patterns of organisations and remote working and virtual connections becoming the new norm, ALMaC creates business opportunities on partnership mode for those with required talent, ideas and explore opportunities in respective markets.

ALMaC engages professionals with exceptional talents, provides challenging work, rewards, and recognises outstanding achievements. As a growing company in a phenomenally expanding market in the industry, government and development sectors, ALMaC creates job opportunities in a wide spectrum of areas such as Business – Organisational Growth, Strategy, Operations Turnaround, Strategic Human Capital Management, Entrepreneurship, Policy and Programmes for Improved Public Services and sustained Community Engagement for enduring results in the Economy, Environment and Societal Good.

You may have an educational background or professional ambitions of growth in the areas of Business Management and Processes; Public Policy and Services; Behavioural and Social Sciences-Training and Research; Climate, Environment and Circular Economy.

ALMaC takes an entrepreneurial approach in viewing the client situations and emerging market opportunities. In this perspective every consulting, training and outsourcing assignment throws up innumerable entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry, public services and social environment. Therefore, for professionals who desire to become outstanding career persons in their chosen field and want to make significant professional contributions, ALMaC provides entrepreneurial opportunities to design new products and services and be partners in the growth process.

Our organisation promotes a culture of openness and provides opportunities to explore, learn and contribute. Every one of our members operates with professional freedom, openness and faces ever widening and complex professional challenges.

Read Below indicative position profiles for a gainful association with ALMaC

Consulting Positions

You will be having a post-graduation / doctoral degree in management, engineering, social /behavioural sciences and adequate years of work experience as a practicing professional or a consultant equipped with perspectives and interest to pursue a consulting and educator career. The job profiles above indicate the required domain experience. We follow a career path of Research Associate, Associate Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Director and Partner.

You will have opportunities to work alongside our experienced consultants and trainers and strengthen your expertise and as well groom your own team.

The work environment at ALMaC provides you with plenty of learning and growing opportunities. You will be groomed for leadership roles in ALMaC, a large corporate entity, or your own entrepreneurial or social venture.

  • Business Management Consulting (Entrepreneurship Development, business / organisational strategy, functional specializations)
  • Public Systems (Government Services) Management / Reform
  • Climate, Environment, Renewable Energy and Circular Economy – Disruptive Technologies and Business Models Development
  • Change Management, Organisation Development
  • Quality, Operations Improvement Tools & Techniques
  • Human Capital Management, organisation Culture and Employee Engagement
  • Media, Case Writing, Documentation and Publication (creative artists)
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Research Associates / Interns (public policy research, organisational assessments, training need analysis, customer satisfaction studies, opinion surveys and similar studies)

Empanelled Consultant

ALMaC engages in executing national and international projects. Wide opportunities are available for experienced professionals in business functional areas and development sector domains to empanel with ALMaC to be associated on project-to-project basis. Besides the engagements in corporate sector, ALMaC’s consultants have been engaged by multilaterals such as DFID, World Bank and UNDP. As ALMaC prospects opportunities to participate in industrial and development sector projects supported by multilateral donor agencies in Asian, African and Latin American regions, we invite relevantly experienced professionals to empanel with us for suitable engagements

Student Internship

ALMaC provides exciting student internship opportunities in its various projects. This internship provides the student, practical exposure on the real-life career challenges and builds their basic skills and perspectives in

  • Management Consultancy Processes
  • Training Systems
  • Sector Knowledge
  • Hands-on Projects / Clients Handling
  • Communication, Presentation and Reports Generation
  • Self Confidence and Professional Demeanour
  • Clarity on Career Goals

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ALMaC excels in facilitative processes enabling clients to design, implement, and continually improve cutting edge solutions for their contemporary challenges.

What do our ALMaC Alumni say about their past association with ALMaC

  • Prabhakar
  • Shraddha
  • Akanksha
  • Santosh
  • Surya
  • Nayana
  • Revanth

For the interested, based on one’s talents, ideas and resources, ALMaC can create either a career track or explore a business partnership. Please email to:

P. Sambamoorthy
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S. Nirmala
+91 98490 85987

to explore the options.