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Expert Professional Services for Enterprise Building, Government Service Delivery Improvement, and Community Capacity Building

Our Company

ALMaC Leadership and Management Consultants (ALMaC) is a unique professional services firm, providing a significant spectrum of advisory, assessment, project management, and capability building services to business, public service, government, and social sector organisations for impact making improvements in their product and service delivery capabilities.

ALMaC was founded and led by a group of management postgraduates from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India. Combining vast years of industry and consulting experience with contemporary management and technology tools, ALMaC facilitates clients to enhance their Capabilities, Systems, Processes and Culture for sustainable Value Creation and High Performance.

ALMaC helps the clients achieve Measurable Results through customized and holistic transformational solutions. The services include:

To Individuals: Leadership and Managerial Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Employability and Career Skills

To Industry: Enterprise Development, Strategic and Sustainable Business Growth, Products and Services Innovation, Operations Turnaround, HR and Organisation Development

To Government: Service Processes Re-engineering and improved Service Delivery, Public Policy Studies, Institution and Capacity Building, Civil Society Engagement, Improving Accountability and Transparency in Governance.

To Social Sector: Capabilities, Systems and Processes Building for resilient strategies, and operational efficiencies in their enterprise and institutional ventures.

Our Engagements

No. of Client EngagementsAdvisory EngagementsPolicy WorkCapability BuildingProject Management

Organisational Purpose

Being an Enabler, Facilitator and a Provider of leading-edge solutions for enterprise, government and social sector organizations to improve their product and service delivery capabilities, systems and culture to maximize their financial and service value and out-reach to the customers, market and the society, along with caring for and promoting environmental interests.

Core Operational Values and Practices

We consider and function in a manner that adding value to the client is our core business objective. We strive to ensure that our solutions are:

  • Practical and on-ground implementable, with a 360* view of the stakeholder interests and well-being.
  • Cost, effort, and time advantageous leading to improved bottom and top lines.
  • Linked to the long-term business / organisational growth.
  • Leading to environmental and economically sustainable results, benefitting all the stakeholders concerned.

Why ALMaC?

ALMaC Promise of Integrity (API) is the bedrock of our consultancy, training and other professional practices. Our experts are trained and held to the highest standards of professional integrity. For all of us in ALMaC, a client engagement is an opportunity of building relationships for mutual learning, development and growth and it is not just a commercial contract.

Focus on the client’s long-term business growth interests: While the solutions are designed to yield immediate results in measurable terms, we advise and design sufficient institutionalization measures. This effort an approach helps the client organisation continuously improve upon its own internal benchmarks. ALMaC works closely with the senior management for developing sustainable long term focused organisational policies, systems, approaches, and attitudes. We adopt change management methods and approaches as the basic framework on which the technical and functional solutions are built.

Internal Capacity Building: However robust or relevant a solution is, it does not yield any considerable result unless the people within the organisation develop their capacities and willingness for implementing the solutions. ALMaC’s major efforts are focused towards identifying the right personnel within the client organisation and thoroughly train them for taking over the implementation with ownership and a sense of challenge. The required organisational analysis and diagnosis of the clients’ problems are conducted collaboratively with the associated client personnel through a data-based approach, including photographs, video graphs of the situations to develop a visual appreciation of the problems and their intensity.

Advice on tools and techniques: In the constantly shifting and growing marketplace, different management and technology tools and practices keep emerging all the time. We do not influence the client to adopt this or that tool for short term gains. We enable the client organization to gain mastery into understanding and managing the processes that impact their business and organizational growth. Depending on the appropriateness, we help them suitably adopt the fundamental values and principles advocated by these practices and to integrate them into their working systems.



Nirmala is a founding Director and Chief Operating Officer of Ascent Leadership and Management Consultants. She brings over three decades of industrial practice and consulting experience. She is an expert in Strategy, Policy Making, Organization Development, Change Management, Human Capital Management Systems, Capacity Building, Kaizen and Lean Management.
Prior to setting up Ascent as a co-founder, she headed the Organization Development and Human Resource Management function for over a decade, in the Public Sector Enterprise-HMT.


Sambamoorthy is a founding Director and CEO of Ascent Leadership and Management Consultants. He brings over three decades of industrial practice and consulting experience. He is an expert in Leadership, Institution Building, Change Management, Strategy, Public Policy Planning, Government Systems and Processes Improvement and Community Capacities. He specialises in designing and implementing entrepreneurial, public policy and community-based solutions for bringing sustainable impact in the areas of Economic and Social Inclusiveness, Women Empowerment, Climate, Environment, Circular Economy and Waste Management.
He has set up Ascent, after gaining practical field experience for over a decade as a senior executive in large public and private sector organisations and also a national training institute for MSME promotion.


Nayana is an Associate Partner and Lead Consultant at Ascent Leadership and Management Consultants. She brings over two decades of industrial practice and consulting experience at senior managerial levels. She was associated with Kalpataru Constructions Overseas Private Limited, First Advantage, ICICI OneSource in India and Ascent Consultants. She is an expert in Operations, Human Capital Management, and Vocational Education. She has spearheaded developing and implementing a unique Vocational Educational model at School of Vocational Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.
Nayana carries post graduate degrees in Social Work (MSW, College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai) and Human Resource (MA HRM, Leeds University Business School, Leeds, UK)

ALMaC excels in facilitative processes enabling clients to design, implement, and continually improve cutting edge solutions for their contemporary challenges.

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