Developing Entrepreneurship Capabilities and Ecosystem

ALMI provides mutlipronged Capability Building and Ecosystem Development support to Entrpreneurship Projects.
We facilitate the individuals through a set of planned development processes

Entrepreneurship Capabilities and Ecosystem

Entrepreneurship as a professional occupation as against job seeking has enormous potential for economic, environmental, and social wealth creation. Any individual, at any phase in one’s life can become an entrepreneur with right efforts and psychological orientation. Entrepreneurship is a business venture aimed at wealth creation for economic and societal benefits. The world in which, a handful of people, companies and countries accumulate capital, environmental assets, and wherewithal for mobilizing finances, developing entrepreneurship capabilities among large swathes of people is an emerging movement and a promising alternative for economic and social empowerment of people, communities and countries that are striving for progress and development. Besides creating business prosperity and newer jobs, entrepreneurship holds the key for:

  • Women participation in economic activities
  • Mobilisation of local resources for locally sustainable jobs, economy, and environmental promotion
  • Disruptive thinking, experimentation and scaling up newer technologies, resource utilisation, partnerships, and business models
  • Life changing works for economic and societal transformation

For building ventures from scratch to build upon an existing business, ALMaC, supports and handholds individuals and cohorts, by comprehensively helping them for developing business suitable psychological, leadership and managerial skills, systems, and processes. The Dimensions required to be carefully planned and executed are illustrated in the diagramme below.

In an individualised manner and a project-based approach, ALMaC provides support to aspiring individuals in the aspects of
  • Adequacy Assessment and Development Planning
  • Developing right Entrepreneurial Orientation
  • Identifying Opportunities, Planning, and Executing the Venture
  • Developing and as well becoming part of suitable Ecosystems

ALMaC excels in facilitative processes enabling clients to design, implement, and continually improve cutting edge solutions for their contemporary challenges.

Each challenge requires a unique strategy, supported with connected intelligence and expertise.
We provide free consultation to assess your needs and tailor a robust solution to help you achieve your goals

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