Public Policy Studies

Informing public policy makers with well-studied field realities and policy requirements

Public Policy Studies

Sustainable policy solutions are key to provide long-term impacting positive results to the citizen, economy, social well-being, public administration and the stakeholder entities such as habitat, natural resources, climate, environment and biodiversity. The process adopted while policy development is vital to ensure diligent policy implementation and achieving the desire results for all the stakeholders.

Clearly defining the problem and its causes, identification of the desired impact, 360 analysis of the stakeholder requirement, the environment in which the policy is desired and its implementation, evidence-based information gathering, review of current policies, if any and their implementation effectiveness are the key inputs for developing sustainable and impact creating public policies.

A well designed and implementation focused policy framework, besides delving into the core policy content, shall invariable address the issues related to implementation strategy, institutional arrangements and capacities, implementation monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment and cost benefit – tangible and intangible analysis for the policy beneficiaries, implementing agencies and the related stakeholder communities and entities.

ALMaC provides comprehensive end-to end professional services for developing well-considered public policy frameworks including, 360 stakeholder consultation, field observations for objective evidence collection, large group consultation……

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