Project Management

Undertaking Project Management services for delivering value, cost, time, resource, and professional efficiency, enabling clients achieve specific special purpose goals and targets.

Project Management Services

Most often, organisations in both private and public sector find themselves challenged with the goals and bundled tasks to be achieved within specific time targets, for which they may not have the required specialist skills. ALMaC provides integrated Project Management services in managerial and organisational aspects of tasks – goals accomplishment. With our professional expertise, we help organisations visualise long term impacts, customer results and sustainability requirements and build suitable capabilities, systems and processes and demonstrate the advantages of systematic, streamlined and planned working.

ALMaC excels in facilitative processes enabling clients to design, implement, and continually improve cutting edge solutions for their contemporary challenges.

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Project Management Unit (PMU-I) for support to GoAP for implementation of GO 279 – Maintenance of Sanitation and Solid Waste Management

Establishment of Project Management Unit (PMU-II) for technical support to ULBs of AP and the office of the DMA in implementation of the Guidelines of GO Ms. No. 279, MA&UD Department

Establishment of Project Management Unit (PMU-I) for technical support to Swachha Andhra Corporation (SAC) for implementation of the Swachh Bharath Mission Guidelines (both Rural and Urban) of Government of India

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